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0.01/0.02 Class Three Phase High-Accuracy Energy Meter Test Bench (PTC-8320H)


0.01/0.02 class Three Phase High-accuracy Energy Meter Test Bench (PTC-8320H)


0.01/0.02 Class Three Phase High-Accuracy Energy Meter Test Bench (PTC-8320H)


1.1 The bench accords with the standard of "IEC 60736:1982
Testing equipment for electrical energy meters", "IEC 62053"

1.2 Close-link and ordinary calibration both can be used, ordinary
calibration can be used to test single/three phase active and
reactive energy meter(up to 0.5 class),close-link calibration can be
used to test single/three phase active and reactive energy meter(up
to 1 class).

1.3The bench can test the converted quantity which is caused by
negative phase, voltage unbalance, harmonic wave and so on.

1.4 The bench can auto-calibrate starting, no load, basic error and
calibration tolerance and 24h deflection.

1.5 Close-link calibration is using insulate current transformer and
suitable for close-link energy meter.
1.6 The bench is using the error processor system to calculate the
error of each energy meter by the sub-error system which can be
connected by the internal RS485.

1.7 The same specification but different constant energy meter can
be tested at one time.

1.8For the installed pick-up equipment, can offer 3 ranges
adjustment. It is also can be accepted the signal for both round-style energy meter and digital LED energy meter.

1.9 The bench can choose to operate by keyboard or PC which is
convenient. The working status of bench can be seen very clear
and easy operation.

1.10 The bench is using the testing software complied with
WINDOWS98/2000/XP which can auto-testing different energy

1.11 The software can realize the data from energy meter for
statistics, search and management. It also can connect with on-line
management for up load the data.

1.12 The energy meter hanging rack is made by Aluminum
compound.The whole device configuration is a reasonable design
and nice outfit.

2. Specification

2.1 Accuracy class: 0.01/0.02 class

2.2 Reference standard meter:
HC3300H Accuracy class: 0.01/0.02
HC 3100H Accuracy class:

2.3 Isolated current transformer equipment:  
PTC-9503B insulate current inductance
Accuracy class:0.1(COSφ=0.5C-1-0.5L,0.1-100A) (200A optional)
Output power:30VA(MAX,100A)

2.4 Voltage amplifier:

Output voltage range:
Frequency range: 45Hz~65Hz

2.5 Current amplifier:
Output current: range: 3
×0A~100A (200A optional)
Output power: 40VA(each meter)
Resolution: 0.01%
Stability: better than 0.05%/180s
Distortion factor: < 0.5% at linear load;
Frequency range: 45Hz~65Hz;
Power efficiency: greater than 85%;
Ambient temperature:10ºC~50ºC

2.6 Phase Angle: 0°~360° , resolution of phase angle setting: 0.1°;
2.7 Output frequency range: 45Hz~65Hz; resolution: 0.01Hz

2.8 Harmonic wave output:
     2-21 sub-harmonic wave contents <=40%
         above 11
sub-harmonic wave contents <=20%
     3,5,7 sub-harmonic wave couping, total content=40%
          Phase angel control (odd sub-harmonic wave)
          Wave group control (sub-harmonic wave)

2.9 Output stability of power:<0.05% (180s)

2.10 Numbers of calibrated energy meter: 3/6

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