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Error Processor (PTC-8001) of Energy Meter Calibration Test Bench


PTC-8001 Error processor

Error Processor (PTC-8001) of Energy Meter Calibration Test Bench

There is an error display window of every meter, using 6 digit high luminance LED nixie tube to display the relative error or the test state sign of the relative tested meter. The first digit shows the  of the error, when the error is negative, it shows"-",when the error is positive, it does not show;The last 5digit uses 5 digit decimals to display the relative error. The following schematic diagram shows the relative error of the tested meter is-0.0023 %.
Connect the sampler that matches to each tested meter to the photo electrical input "       "   of  HPU-8001. The HPU-8001 displays the error of each tested meter.
If the meter has pulse output, break the connection between infrared collector and the photo electrical input "    "of HPU-8001. Use special cable to connect the pulse output of the calibrated meter with the photo electrical input "    "of HPU-8001.connect the red clip to the +5V terminal of pulse and the black clip to 0V.
If HPU-8001 works abnormally, the user can press HPU-8001"reset"botton, and HPU-8001 will regain the normal program automatically. In the process of the bench test,it you want HPU-8001calculate again,you can press "reset" button.

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