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Hpu-3030 Single Phase Field-Testing Instrument

HPU-3030 Single Phase Field-testing Instrument

Hpu-3030 Single Phase Field-Testing Instrument

1. Features
HC-3612 Single Phase Field-testing Instrument is a digital, multifunctional, high accuracy and intelligent multi-parameter testing instrument. It not only can test energy error, but also can test voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power frequency, power factor, phase relation and so on. And it is especially suitable for the inspection unit to test the accuracy of the single phase energy meter. The instrument is simple, fast, and easy to use.
2. Functions
2.1 This instrument is mainly used for the test of the single phase energy meter and the test of low voltage ratio.
2.2The instrument uses the latest 32-bit 120MHz DSP technology as its core, uses 16-bit high-precision AD converter, the error is stable, accuracy is high (have a qualitative difference with using single phase power calibrator chip), and it is fully show the advantages of digital processing.
2.3 Using large-screen color LCD crystal display, a screen can display all the validation set parameters, harmonics, electrical parameters and error, dynamically observe all the measurements.
2.4 Can use current clamp to simulate the current generated by the load, simplify field work, and display the terminal current and clamp current and the power, power sum at the same time.
2.5 Using a 500A current clamp, and a 100A current clamp, can measure CT ratio.
2.6 Can test 2-63 times harmonic data. Voltage and current real-time waveform display can help to determine the state.
2.7 Calculate the energy meter constant in a energy pulse cycle.
2.8 It can save the test data of 1000 energy meters.
2.9 Can connect with the computer through RS232 serial communication interface.
2.10 With low frequency pulse output, it is convenient self-test and inspection.
3. Specification

range accuracy
voltage 10 ~ 300V 0.1%
Current terminal 0.05A ~10A 0.1%
Current clamp 100A,500A 0.3%,0.5%
power terminal 10A 0.1%
Current clamp 100A,500A 0.3%,0.5%
phase -180°~+180° 0.1°
frequency 45 ~ 55Hz 0.01Hz
energy terminal 0.1A ~ 10A 0.1%
100A clamp 0.25A~110A 0.3%,0.5%
500A clamp 25A~1000A 0.5%
pulse FL = 1000  imp/kWh
voltage AC 180 ~ 260V
temperature -25~45ºC
humidity < 95%
Volume 190×135×53(mm)
weight About 1

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