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In 2015 the company will be the successful conclusion of New Year

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February 8, 2015, the company held the annual New Year annual meeting in Haiyan Hangzhou Bay International Hotel.

In the meeting, Chen Shui-ming, general manager made a speech, with illustrations of PPT about the development of various aspects of the company over the past year. After that, the annual meeting also commended the various departments and positions outstanding outstanding staff and an excellent team, general manager, vice president and members of their awarded honorary certificates and prizes. Feast opened in employees' singing and dancing in the end, the scene atmosphere is very cheerful, tensions wonderful performances, interactive games and lottery when the annual meeting to a climax. Finally, two lucky draw prize of staff to receive an award, which lasted three and a half hours of the successful conclusion of the annual meeting.
The following is the annual meeting of moments:




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