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Single Phase Electrical Energy Meter Test Bench with 40 Meter Positions (PTC-8125M)

Single Phase Multifunction Energy Meter Test Bench PTC-8125M
1PH Meter Test Bench

1. Functions

1.1The bench accords with the standard of "IEC 60736: 1982 testing equipment for electrical energy meters".

1.2 It is used to test all kinds of single phase multifunction energy meter, single phase anti-theft electrical energy meter, single phase intelligent energy meter.

1.3 For single phase anti-theft electrical energy meter, through the relays switch, it can separately test the line (L) circuit and natural (N) circuit at one time.
Single Phase Multifunction Energy Meter (split type) Test Bench (PTC-8125M)

1.4 The bench can automatically do starting test, no load test(creep
Test), error test(accuracy test), deviation test, 24h variation test and
So on.

1.5 It can do the influence tests caused by voltage, frequency,
Harmonic and so on.

1.6 Multifunction test: Test the day error; Collocate RS485(RS232)
Communication port every meter.

1.7 The energy meter hanging rack is made by Aluminum compound. The test bench can be installed scanning head.

2. Features

2.1 The multifunction reference meter and power source can be used independently, and it is convenient to repair.

2.2 The bench is using the PWM-Pulse WidthModulation, technology to
voltage/current output, the high efficiency at >85%, and lower
The heat. The PWM can
check the malfunction checking, preset, alarm, and protection.

2.3 The MTS software platform is very powerful, the main
Operations are in one interface, the operation is extremely easy;
And with the SQL
SERVER large databases, it is security and stability, the amount of 4data is almost unlimited.

2.4 The bench is using the error processor system to calculate the
Error of each energy meter by the sub-error system which can be
Connected by the internal RS485(RS232).

2.5 With the server, multi-meters can be tested at one time.

2.6 The test bench has the auto-search black marker function
Which can precisely locate the black marker.

2.7 Automatic range switching. The bench can choose to operate
By keyboard or PC which is very convenient.

2.8 Electronic protection in case of over load, short circuit and output current open status.

2.9 The whole device configuration is a reasonable design and nice

3. Specification

3.1 Accuracy class: 0.05 / 0.1

3.2 Reference standard energy meter:
HC3101H, Accuracy class: 0.02
Or HC3101A, Accuracy class: 0.05/0.1

3.3 Output Voltage: Range: 220V(120V and 240V optional)
Adjustment range: 0 ~ 120%
Fine adjustment: Better than 0.01%

3.4 Output current: Range: 0.1A ~ 100A(max 200A optional)
Adjustment range: 0 ~ 120%
Fine adjustment: Better than 0.01%

3.5 Phase range: 0-359.9 °; Fine adjustment: 0.01 °

3.6 Frequency: 45-65Hz; Fine adjustment: 0.01Hz

3.7 Output waveform distortion coefficient: Voltage, current ≤ 0.5%

3.8 Output voltage, current, power stability ≤ 0.05% (180s)

3.9 Output capacity: Voltage: ≥ 15VA, current: ≥25VA(every meter)

3.10 Load: Resistive, inductive and capacitive

3.11 Harmonic Output: 2-21 harmonic, content ≤ 40%; 3, 5, 7 or any 3rd harmonic superposition, cumulative content ≤ 40%

3.12 Starting current output: 5mA (min), accuracy: ≤ 5%; Starting power: Accuracy: ≤ 5%

3.13 Communication test: RS485 communication test, carrier wave communication test (optional).

3.14 Numbers of calibrated energy meter: 40 (12/24/48 on requested )

3.15 Environmental condition:
Operating environment temperature: 20ºC±5ºC;
Ambient environment humidity: 40% -60% RH

3.16 Input power: AC220V ± 15%, frequency: 50 ± 5% Hz

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