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Three Phase Multifunction Reference Energy Meter (0.05/0.1) Hc3100A



Three Phase Multifunction Reference Energy Meter (0.05/0.1) Hc3100A

2. Specification

2.1 Voltage range:60V/120V/240V/480V can change by hand or auto
2.2Current range:0.1A/1A/10A/100A

2.3 Accuracy:0.05/0.1
2.4 Working environment:temperature:0ºC~40ºC,relative humidity:35%~85%

2.5 Temperature affect:(0ºC~40ºC)voltage,current,frequency,power< 15ppm/ºC,
power< 30ppm/

2.6 Assistant power supply: AC220 V ± 10 % ,45Hz ~ 65Hz , 25VA

2.7 Volume:  length ×width× height   483mm × 420mm ×134mm

2.8 Weight: 11kg

1. Features

1.1 HC3100A three phase multifunction reference meter is the intelligent high-accuracy reference meter using high-accuracy ADC and DSP high-speed processor as its core.

1.2 It can simultaneously measure and display the three phase voltage (V), current (A), active power (W), reactive power (var), frequency (Hz), power factor (PF), phase angle (θ), apparent power (S) and other power, and output active or reactive energy pulses, has harmonic analysis function(2-21 times);

1.3 Using (320 × 240)large LCD Chinese menu display interface, clear picture, with six display digits, is easy to operate, and the function is easy to set, so it is a smart electrical measuring instruments;

1.4 Using automatic compensation technology ,to achieve the high accuracy of the relative error which is better than 0.05% RD.

1.5 Wide range signal input,is suitable for all kinds of systems;
1.6 Energy meter error test function;

1.7 With RS-232 communication port,the meter can directly connect
with the PC
,and provide the data to PC;also the functions of HC3100A
can be
completely controlled by PC,make the full auto test comes true.

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